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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular and exciting topic within the world of technology these days. This can cause misunderstandings to turn into wild rumors. Here are five AI myths that you must stop believing.  

 1. AI Will Replace Your Job
Viewing AI as a direct transfer of human labor to machine labor is large over-simplification. Industrial revolutions in the past, such as the shift from agricultural work to factory work in the nineteenth century, have feared the same thing. However, the number of jobs has stayed consistent throughout. There is very little evidence to suggest a mass unemployment is likely to happen. Instead, AI technology will enable human workers to work in a more efficient and clever manner.

2. Low-Skilled & Manual Workers Are Most Likely To Be Replaced
Most of the focus for AI is reducing the laborious aspects of day-to-day work, often for the highly trained professions such as doctors and lawyers. In the medical field, AI is used to scan images, such as x-rays and MRIs, to detect early warning signs of different diseases. In the case of a lawyer, AI can be used to scan large documents at warp speed to find the most relevant information for an ongoing case. AI isn’t taking over these jobs but instead helping professionals use their time for more high-level work.

 3. Computers Will Become Better Than Humans
There are two groups of AI applications – generalized and specialized. Specialized AIs focus on performing one specific job in a certain field. The examples listed above are specialized AI functions. What people fear will lead to computers becoming better than humans are the generalized AI functions, where it is capable of accurately completing multiple tasks across any given field; but, we are nowhere near this feat.

 4. Artificial Intelligence Will Outpace Human Intelligence
It’s certainly true that AI has outpaced us in some dimensions, such as calculation speed and recall capacity; however, there are some dimensions of human intelligence that computers still cannot do. Emotional intelligence and strategic thinking is something that AI is not likely to be able to do anytime soon.

 5. AI Will Lead to Robots Taking Over the World
The thought of robots learning to develop self-preservation skills and putting humans under a robotic control is something of a science-fiction novel and is highly unlikely to happen in real life. There are boundaries that would have to be eliminated and allowances by society made before anything of this sort could even be possible. So if robots taking over the world keeps you up at night, know that we are far closer to having aliens invade instead.